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Loose Leaf or Tea Bags?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

What's better--loose leaf or tea bags? Many tea lovers stumble across this question often. It is undeniable that pre-packaged tea bags are more convenient, faster, and cheaper.

However, when it comes to the level of quality we recommend you choose loose-leaf tea.

Here are 3 reasons why loose-leaf tea is better than tea bags.

1. The quality of loose-leaf is superior

The tea used in tea bags are most often filled with fannings, or dust, not to mention the low quality. If you are searching for a good-ole quality cup of tea look no further... loose-leaf tea makes for a better cup and overall experience.

2. Loose-leaf put you in control

One of the many perks about loose-leaf is the flexibility of making it exactly as you like it. Loose-leaf allows you to control the strength (or weakness depending on your preference) of your tea.

3. Loose-leaf is simply magical

There’s nothing like enjoying a cup of tea the old-fashioned way. It's magical watching the colorful loose-leaves dance in the water as the tea infuses to develop a full flavor and aroma.

What do you think: Loose-leaf or tea bags? Tell us in the comments.

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