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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Welcome

Frequently Asked Questions

Need assistance? Before picking up the phone, check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, get in touch with us.

How many cups can 2 oz make?

MulTEA Love products are measured to make approximately 20 to 25 cups.

Can I add more than 1 tbs of tea to my 8 oz cup of hot water?

Yes, you may add more than 1 tbs however; keep in mind the more tea you add, the stronger your tea will be.

​How should I store my MulTEA Love product(s)?

Keep your tea in a dark and cool place, like a shelf or drawer out of the sunlight. Sunlight will create heat, subtly changing your teas' flavor. Be sure to fully seal your zip lock bag once opened.

When will my tea expire?

1 year after your purchase date if stored properly.

What is your return policy?

If you ever find yourself unhappy with a MulTEA Love product please contact us through our Contact Us page from our website.  

What are the payment options?

​We accept payment by credit or debit card:

  • Credit Cards: VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover

  • Debit Cards: Visa & MasterCard

  • Check out with PayPal

What is your shipping policy?

Please allow up to10 days (or less) for your MulTEA Love product(s) to be shipped. If you have not received your product within 10-15 days, please contact us through our Contact Us page from our website.

If you have any more questions visit us through our Contact Us form. To learn our about our Policies visit our Policies page. page.

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